A guide to buy high heels online

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One of the mistakes many people make when buying shoes is not knowing their feet as well as shoe brands  Here are a few tips to think about when bidding on  shoes:

1. Become famaliar with your feet and how they feel at different times of the day. Do they have a tendency to swell in the morning or the evening?  Do you have a job that requires you to stand or walk all day?

2.  When was the last time you tried on a pair of shoes?  What was the brand name? What was the size that felt most comfortable.  Another mistake---do not worry about the size, pay attention to the fit and the comfort.  You don't want to have too many "one hour" shoes in the closet.

3. When you are in retail stores look at the construction of the different brands.  Are they more narrower or wider in the ball of the shoe (the widest part that should match the widest part of your foot).  How are the  heel heights?  Which one feels the most comfortable for you?  Which brands have nice leather and good construction?

4.  Now that you have armed your self with a little information you can make better choices on line.  You know what brand to request more details, what brand can be your favorite fit brand,  your favorite comfort brand, or your favorite sassy  date night brand  :).

5.  Now you have been searching and found a perfect pair of shoes, what questions do you ask prior to making your first bid?

       a.  Are these new with or with out a box?  How many times have they been worn? Have they ever been to a shoe repair place for some work? If so what was done.  Replacing heels on worn shoes is a sign that the shoes are well taken care of.

      b.  Can you verify the heel height,the brand and the size ( European or US sizing)?   FYI,  European standard sizing runs a little bit smaller than US sizing and even sometimes depends also on the production country.  You will need to know this.

      c.  Does the purchase include the box.  This is important as far as receiving and storing the shoes.  Keep the toes stuffed with paper or shoe trees when not wearing them. 

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